Lincoln Pelican Trust provides meaningful work experience and on the job training in one of our 5 commercial departments, vocational training with numerous courses and job seeking skills and guidance for adults with disabilities or long term unemployed in Lincolnshire. We have fully trained and experienced staff that are supportive and able to assist in progression into full or part time employment, further education or voluntary work.

“There is no treatment, drug, therapy, nurse, psychiatrist or social worker who aided my recovery from Mental Illness, as much as the day I got a job. The healing powers of WORK must never be underestimated.”

Quote from Kate Hull Rodgers, author of Cracked Up; A Bird’s Eye View of the Cuckoo’s Nest and award winning entrepreneur

For more information on referring a learner please contact our Training Manager Elaine Steggall

You can fill out our Eligibility Form on-line and either email to us or print off and send by post

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