FREE COURSES FOR EVERYONE (over 19 by the 31st August 2018)


Length of courses can be tailored to learners needs. 

All courses can be run at your venue if you have a minimum of 8 people most courses can be run as a one day or two/three half days.


All our courses are designed to encourage people back into learning and promote confidence to enrol onto further courses with other providers, colleges or even university. Many will provide skills that will be of use in everyday life.


Introduction To Computer Security

A course designed to help you recognize the hazards relating to computer use, and how to avoid them. It explains why we need security for computers, discusses what a firewall does, why we should use passwords, look at security packages and the components within them. It will help you to identify risks such as viruses and spam when on the internet, you will learn how credit card fraud can happen on the internet, identify the law and your rights around personal data. You will also look at types of data storage and explain why we should back up information.

 Progression routes: A variety of basic and advanced computer courses, some with qualifications from local providers and colleges.

Budgeting Skills

This course will help you recognize your attitudes to money and how this influences your choices. You will also look at the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ when it relates to spending. It will help you to understand the costs and benefits of saving and borrowing and different ways you can do this.

 Progression routes: Accredited money skills course, college, or training provider. Citizens advice, bank building society 

Act Safely in the Workplace

We all need to know how to work safely without any risk to health, this course is designed to help you achieve that. It will help you identify dangers in the workplace and how to deal with them. You will learn what to do in an emergency or an accident and the course will give you the knowledge to know how to look after your own and others health and safety.

 Progression routes: Formal qualifications in health and safety. College or training provider.

Basic First Aid

A non-accredited NOT hands on course really designed as first aid in the home. This course will help you identify various types of injuries such as cuts, burns and stings and how to deal with them. You will also learn about common emergencies such as choking, stroke and heart attack and how to deal with them until emergency help arrives.

 Progression routes: First Aid qualifications at local providers and colleges 

Positive Steps To Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

This course is designed to help you identify different types of body language and how they might be seen by others and to help you be sure that what you are saying is what you mean. It will help you to identify what gives a good impression and a bad one, also ways of changing a negative impression to a positive one and how positive thinking can change how you see things and let your confidence shine.

 Progression routes: voluntary work, paid employment, further education 

Introduction to Sign Language

This course is an introduction to British Sign Language, it will give you an insight into what BSL is and how it came about, you will learn how to finger spell your own first name and a range of useful BSL phrases that you could use in your everyday life.

Progression routes: Qualifications in BSL from training providers and colleges 

Healthy Eating, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

This course will show you how easy it is to prepare healthy food, we will look at what is a healthy diet, portions and portion control, when eating at home or out. How to maintain a healthy eating style even when eating out. We will look at how to modify recipes and how simple changes to the way we cook and the ingredients we use can make food healthier.

Progression routes: Accredited Food Hygiene course, college, other provider 

Skills Towards Employment

No matter whom you have an interview with it might be your child’s school, the doctors or someone else, you need to be prepared. This course will help you to be ready and able to answer questions about yourself and your personal history, it will also help you to prepare to ask questions relevant to the situation.

Progression routes: Work Skills courses, voluntary work, paid employment, further education  

Have A Better Understanding of Children’s Behaviour

This course will help you to identify the different stages in children’s behaviour. Recognise ways to positively manage their actions and identify techniques, tips and tricks to break unwanted behaviour.

Progression routes: Formal qualification in Child care, college or training provider.

Children’s Learning And Development

This course will help you find out what to expect as your child develops from a baby to a toddler. It will help you identify different stages in their learning and development, and you will explore how play and behaviour affects children’s learning and development.

Progression routes: Formal qualification in Child care, college or training provider.

Maths For Everyday Life

This course is a revisit to maths and finding your mathematics knowledge. You will work towards creating new solutions for old problems.

Progression routes: English For Everyday Life

English For Everyday Life

In this course you will revisit basic English skills. This includes learning appropriate etiquette, terminology, and references.

Progression routes: Maths For Everyday Life

For more information on progression routes speak to your tutor 

There are no formal entry requirements for most courses. 

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