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Overview of Activities and Opportunities at Pelican Trust

Work Areas – generic provision in training and experience

  • Health and Safety Team working skills
  • Organisational skills Life skills
  • Attendance patterns Production methods
  • Personal self esteem Communication skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Producing commercial items
  • Supervisory and leadership skills
  • Social integration
  • Quality control procedures
  • Flexible Attendance
  • Heavily subsidised lunch and beverages
  • Assistance in travel fees
  • Therapeutical payment

Commercial Assembly
Learning to complete set task
: Building stamina: Increasing dexterity: Stock control: Operating in small teams:
Diverse operations within the day and between attendance: Machine operation: External operations and communication skills: Customer awareness

Prepress operations: Print finishing: Machine operation throughout the print area: Machine maintenance: Discussions with suppliers: Customer service requirements: Order planning: Marketing: Network with outside sources: Legal aspects of operation

Hand tool skills: Machine operation: Machine maintenance requirements: 
Off site work experience: 
Customer liaison: Multitask operations: Most orders are individual pieces: Provision of repeat large scale orders to provide stamina and team working skills

Design and planning: Customer contact: Use of computers in manufacturing: Working loosely supervised: Gain an understanding of subcontracting: Produce product costs: Increased social skills: Learn to maximise the use of stock with orders

Business Centre
Type setting and copying: Collating and stapling: Mail merge and shots: Customer liaison: Stationary and invites: Parish magazines: Stock control: Reception work: Team work: Office experience including photo copying, filing etc.

Job Seeking Guidance
Assistance with CV’s, covering letters, application forms and speculative letters: Job aspirations: Interview practice: Personal appearance assistance including new clothing: Job seeking facilities including all postage

Canteen / Domestic / Retail

Basic food hygiene: Providing an in-house service: Operating in a small team and assisting in food preparation: Training in cleaning and domestic work: Retail experience including till work, chip & pin, stock control, customer service, re- ordering stock: Money management & shopping skills

For more information on referrals please contact Stacey via email or call 01522 513533