Do you find it difficult to attend a college course but would like to benefit from the use of computers and the internet?*

The Pelican Trust Home-based Training Scheme is funded by Lincolnshire County Council and provides up to 20 training hours in computer skills and use of the Internet for people who are either unable to attend a course outside their home or find it very difficult to do so e.g. those with restricted mobility, the visually impaired, those for whom transport to a learning centre is very difficult and a small percentage of Carers who cannot leave their charges.

The course is free of charge provided that you are resident in Lincolnshire and that you are in genuine need of this training in your own home. 

The Home-based Scheme works in the following way:
A Pelican tutor will visit you in your own home at times convenient to you both. During these sessions, they will help you to acquire skills and knowledge which will enable you to understand and make better use of your computer and the Internet.

Before leaving, they will agree a series of computer related exercises with you for you to complete before their next visit. These exercises will revise and extend the topics covered during their visit. We would ask that, to make the most of this training opportunity, you do attempt this work before the tutor’s next visit.

*If you don’t have a computer, Pelican might be able to lend you one for the duration of your training. You would, however, be expected to insure Pelican’s computer against fire and theft. Also, at the conclusion of your training, the Pelican Trust would retrieve the computer so that it could help another learner.

We particularly welcome applications from learners from ethnic minority backgrounds whose disability or caring responsibilities make it difficult for them to access other such provision.

If you like the sound of the above and feel that you have the determination to pursue the course,
please contact David Hall by leaving a message on 01476 530525 or you can email David at this link